Gorky, 1906, Mother 2/2

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"진리를 믿지 못하는 자, 죽음을 무릎 쓸 용기가 없는 자, 자기 자신을 믿지 못하고 두려워하는 자, 모두 물러나십시오! ... (152)

"Comrades!" sang out the Little Russian, subduing the noise of the crowd    with his mellow voice. "Comrades! We have now started a holy procession    in the name of the new God, the God of Truth and Light, the God of    Reason and Goodness. We march in this holy procession, comrades, over a    long and hard road. Our goal is far, far away, and the crown of thorns    is near! Those who don't believe in the might of truth, who have not the    courage to stand up for it even unto death, who do not believe in    themselves and are afraid of suffering—such of you, step aside! We call    upon those only who believe in our triumph. Those who cannot see our    goal, let them not walk with us; only misery is in store for them! Fall    into line, comrades! Long live the first of May, the holiday of    freemen!"

"뒤에 있는 사람들은 전혀 서두르는 기색이 없었다.  그들은 그저 구경거리를 만난 듯이, 그리고 결말이 어땋게 되리라는 것을 잘 알고 있다는 듯이 냉담한 표정이었다 (155).

There, far away from her, was the red banner—she saw her son without seeing him—his bronzed forehead, his eyes burning with the bright fire of faith. Now she[Pg 224] was in the tail of the crowd among the people who walked without hurrying, indifferent, looking ahead with the cold curiosity of spectators who know beforehand how the show will end. They spoke softly with confidence.


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